2022 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Self-Care


e love New Year’s resolutions, because goals help us stay organized and sail through the new year. Execution, however, can take some efforts. To minimize the chance of failed resolutions, we write down our favorite resolution ideas in a very specific, cue-based and achievable way.

01. Get better sleep. 

  • Establish and stick to regular sleep routine (such as from 11pm-7am). 
  • Use quality and suitable mattress, pillows and bedding
  • Avoid over-eating and caffein shortly before bedtime. 


02. Keep home tidy and decluttered.

  • Make bed every day. 
  • Donate or give away things that haven’t been used for 2+ years (because most likely they are no longer needed).

03. Establish a skincare routine.

  • Clean face properly before going to bed. Avoid bringing makeup to sleep. 
  • At the very least, remember to moisturize both face and body. 
  • Use sun block (it decreases your risk of skin cancers). 


04.  Live a more sustainable lifedata-style. 

  • Use reusable water bottle and avoid the one-time plastic ones. 
  • Avoid over-buying. Try not to buy items that you feel like throwing away in few months. 


05. Spend more time on things that you love. For instance, I wrote the mini-steps below out of my love for cooking.

  • Make weekly meal plans and cook accordingly. 
  • Improve baking skills, so I could custom-make healthy dessert for myself and my family. 


06. Continue on self-development. 

  • Read at least 3 books in 2022.
  • Make more new friends. 
  • Be more confident, decisive and procrastinate less. 

07. Exercise at least twice a week. 

Bottom line is: as the old saying goes, "the secret of getting ahead is getting started", the small goals and achievements you made in 2022 will one day turn out to be major. So let's get it moving.